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World’s Smallest Webserver -MatchBox Size server August 30, 2008

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The Matchbox Webserver is based on a tiny single-board computer with a 66 MHz AMD 486DX CPU, 16 MB RAM, and 16 MB flash ROM — big enough to hold a useful amount of RedHat 5.2 Linux including the HTTP daemon that runs the project’s web server. At relatively low usage levels it consumes 800 milliwatts from a 5V power supply, rising to 2 watts at 100% CPU usage. It communicates with the outside world via two serial ports, a printer port, and a connector for a floppy drive. It measures 2.8″ x 1.8″ for an area of 5 square inches. Being 0.2″ thick this makes the volume one cubic inch (16 cc’s). It weighs 3/4 oz (20 grams).

Wearable Webserver

Wearable Webserver-MatchBox Breakthrough Technology !!!


Wearable WebServer -MatchBox Size World's Smallest Webserver

Visit the Stanford University Wearable Computing Laboratory web site to see what has been called “the world’s smallest web server” and To know its more technical details Goals of the Wearables Lab include design of highly wearable general purpose PCs such as the Matchbox PC, and improved technologies for the human interface to wearable computers, including research into speech I/O and the development of Thumbcode, a device independent digital sign language for typing on wearable computers.


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